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What are rules for verb conjugation ?

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It is uncertain what letters are taken off the infinitive form of the verb stem and what letter(s) are added to the word before adding the conjugate ending

I studied some grammar tables  yet some other letters are added between the verb stem and conjugate there a rule as to which letters are used or substituted for each verb?





asked Feb 4, 2014 by thelongwayhome (160 points)

1 Answer

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There are rules, they are many, most of them are complicated and have long lists of exceptions. Most learners (as well as native speakers of course) end up by training intuition through practice rather than memorizing rules.
answered Feb 5, 2014 by it-ogo (18,220 points)
Thank you it-ogo.
How is a beginner supposed to be intuitive? There must be an awful lot of Russians walking around speaking gibberish. I hope Russians don't learn to drive or practice medicine the same way they learn their language!
Meanwhile, I have found an excellent chart showing the mechanics of conjugation in great detail.. how to tell first from second verbs , to phonetic letter substitute for consonant and vowel stem endings. It was a rare find.
Perhaps  the vague information is posted in lessons purposely there to create income for the paid tutors / businesses that sell the complete information later on.
The beginner should not be perfectly correct in their speech. And children of all nations always learn their native language intuitively.

Here ( is a good link to check all forms of almost any Russian verb.

If you find something you believe is useful, can you please share it? Verbs are always a problem for Russian learners at any stage.