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Russian expression for something you particularly like

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I'm learning Russian and one of my Italian friends used an expression Ho un debole per le ragazze russe which can be translated into English as "I have a soft spot for Russian girls." It doesn't have to be about girls, I'm just looking for a Russian phrase that emphasizes the fact that I especially like something. I know that in the Russian language, the number and case are important. I would like to know all the possible versions if I have to use different phrases when talking about "one thing or person" vs. "many things or people".

asked Jan 15, 2013 by Luca Pacioli (390 points)

2 Answers

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And you can say Не могу жить без +.... /в родительном падеже - in Genitive form/ Like I can't live without music = Не могу жить без музыки

You can also use Я всегда радуюсь + ... /в дательном падеже - in Dative form/ Like I'm always happy with sunny days = Я всегда радуюсь солнечным дням

Teenagers (and not only they) often say Я тащусь от + .... or Я балдею от .../в родительном падеже - in Genitive form/ Like She's happy with Madonna songs = Она тащится от песен Мадонны = Она балдеет от песен Мадонны

And you can use Я +...+зависим Like I'm coffee-addicted = Я кофезависим

If you have problems with forms of words ask somebody here to help you to understand it. I think it might be better for you then think a lot about it every time then you need to make a sentence!

answered Jan 15, 2013 by Larusja (1,210 points)
Larusja, you confused accusative with genitive. Phrases "Не могу жить без ..." and "Я балдею от ..." need genetive case of object.
To say "я тащусь" and "я балдею" is vulgar in our language... You can say "мне нравятся", "я обожаю", "мне интересны". And you can't say "кофезависим", you can say only "я зависим(а) от кофе". If it is interesting to you, I'm russian. You can ask me any questions about the language, only find me on facebook - .
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"I have a soft spot for Russian girls"

+1 to "Я тащусь"

I'd translate it as "Я тащусь от руссих девочек" or "Обожаю русских девочек", "Я балдею" sounds a bit dated, but the last one was very common in 90's.

answered Jan 15, 2013 by Sascha_K (320 points)