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How would you say "likewise" in Russian?

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For example, I am having a conversation with someone and they say, "I like your taste in music" and I reply with "Thank you, likewise".  How would I say this in Russian? Спасибо.
asked Mar 29, 2014 by matis (150 points)

2 Answers

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Hi Matis,

I think the best way to translate it would be: "Спасибо,я тоже" or "Спасибо, я также".

Yulia Amlinskaya,
Russian language teacher.
answered Mar 29, 2014 by RussianTeacher (19,690 points)
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Hi Matis,
If you means "Thank you, I like your taste in music too", then "Спасибо, мне Ваш(твой) тоже".
"Спасибо, мне тоже" can mean "Thank you, I like my taste too"

answered Apr 2, 2014 by Iliketorespond (230 points)