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grammar problem

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"Тени нападают" a title from a novel
i know the translations from these word ("shadows atacks") but i dont know the grammar structure from the second word  " atacks ".Why it is ended in "ют"??? it is something special??? in what cases of grammar it is used ???" i want a  analise of this word.

asked Apr 10, 2014 by userofrussia (340 points)

1 Answer

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-ут/-ют  are endings of the First Conjugation Group verbs in Plural Number, Third Person form in Present and Future..

See all possible forms of verb "нападать" (to attack) here.

Russian words tend to change endings according to the role they play in the sentence. It is called inflections

Inflections ot nouns, adjectives, numerals, pronouns and like are called Declensions and are defined by the Cases of the language.

Inflections of verbs are called Conjugations and have nothing to do with Cases.

Normally if your mother tongue is not so inflective as Russian you need to study much theory and train hard before you can use that mechanism (unless you are a little child and able to learn languages intuitively).

answered Apr 10, 2014 by it-ogo (18,220 points)
edited Apr 10, 2014 by it-ogo