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Can someone tell me a very long list of useful conversational Russian phrases with both Cyrillic and phonetic formats?

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So phrases that I could use whilst conversing with my Russian girlfriends mother, her family, friends etc etc.. Whether it be subtle greetings or just a general list of common phrases/senences that would be greatly appreciated.. :) Please with both Cyrilic and phonetic if you can, if not cyrillic will do nicely, many thanks :)
asked May 28, 2014 by Connor17 (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Connor17,

Here's a good book with lots of useful phrases and audio files, so you can listen to them and learn them:

Good luck!

Yulia Amlinskaya,
Russian Language Teacher.
answered May 29, 2014 by RussianTeacher (19,690 points)