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Крестное Знамение

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Hopefully it-ogo is available for grammar help. I found a copy of the Lord's Prayer in Russian. As you know, it goes like this:

во имя Отца

и Сына

и Святого Духа.

I'm trying to dissect the grammar behind this prayer. Based on the endings of the words Сына and Духа, I take it that they are being used in the genitive case (and, because they represent animate masculine nouns, in the gentive case). My question is about the usage of the word Отца. Technically, would it be correct to say that it is being used in the genitive (and not the accusative) case because it relates to имя?

Also, I understand that either the accusative or the prepositional can be used after в (or во) depending on whether the object is stationary or movement towards. Can you help clarify this? For example, why is the accusative (rather than the prepositional) being used here?

asked Jun 1, 2014 by robdavis54 (190 points)

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