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Use of Participles

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I'm trying to translate and understand the lyrics to the song "Выбирать чудо" by Нюша. 

Two of the lines in the second song are:

"Ты забра́л моё тепло́,
Не оста́вшийся во мне во́здух."
I understand the first line, but I'm having problems with the second line. In particular, I'm having problems with the use of "оста́вшийся." Based on what I've been able to put together, "оста́вшийся" is an active participle in the past tense for the verb "оста́ться." I guess my question is what is a participle and how is it used in Russian?
Could it be that the phrase "не оста́вшийся во мне во́здух" (which I take it means something akin to "the air didn't stay inside me") needs a participle because the sentence is in the passive voice?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.
asked Jun 17, 2014 by robdavis54 (190 points)

2 Answers

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Hi Rob.

Thanks for a nice question!

The participle qualifies a persona or an object in their relation to a certain action. Participles are mostly used in written language or academic context, and are less common  in colloquial speech. They are used to compress texts.

There are 4 groups of participles:

Active participles:

Present active participle: читающий, who reads
Past active participle: читавший, who was reading

Passive participles:

Present passive participle: читаемый, that was being read
Past passive participle: прочитанный, that was read.

Active participles qualify a person or an object performing an action by themselves:

Горящий огонь = Огонь, который горит
Burning fire = The fire that burns

Passive participles qualify a person or an object which are (were) the object of an action applied to them:

Подписанные директором документы = Документы, которые подписал директор
Documents, signed by the director = The documents which the director signed.

Participles are formed from verbs and are used as adjectives in the sentence.

In your example, "Не оставшийся во мне воздух" can be translated as "The air that didn't stay inside me".

"Оставшийся" is a past active participle formed from the verb "остаться".

Yulia Amlinskaya,
Russian language teacher.

answered Jun 18, 2014 by RussianTeacher (19,690 points)
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Your citation is incorrect and not understandable. I suppose this correcting will help you to translate that:
"Ты забра́л моё тепло́,
Не И оста́вшийся во мне во́здух."
answered Jul 6, 2014 by phylocko