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the conjugation of verb "взять"

1 Answer

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The verb "взять" is a verb of perfective aspect so it can't be at present tense (only future or past). Actually all verbs of perfective aspect have only two tenses - past and future (and they are conjugated at future), and all ones of imperfect aspect have all three tenses, but they aren't conjugated at future tense - their "future" is compound of the corresponding future form of "быть"+actual verb at infinitive (e.g. буду брать, будем смотреть, будешь лежать). Only the verb "быть" is conjugated both at present and future.

At present tense you shoud use the verb "брать": я беру, ты берёшь, он/она берёт, мы берём вы берёте, они берут

answered Jul 7, 2015 by justin.mcguire7 (310 points)