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Meaning of the word "Tak"?

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I was just wondering what the proper meaning of the word "Tak" is. I've heard this used a lot in russian speech but I'm not exactly sure how to use it myself. Any help would be appreciated.


Eric Burnham
asked Oct 21, 2015 by Eric35743 (240 points)

2 Answers

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Eric, please look the answer here
answered Oct 24, 2015 by Leonid (140 points)
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I think the question about "так" which used for a bunch of words. When someone saying "та-а-а-ак" and then goes talking) Just a word with no sence to fill the silence. 
Or like he is thinking about with what to start.
Like English "well" in phrase "Well... Lets do somthing"
answered Jul 17, 2016 by lometari (280 points)