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What's the difference between "здесь" and "вот" (here)?

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Both words are translated to English as "here". When should I use one and not another?

Originally asked by a student at How to say "here" in Russian

asked Jan 16, 2013 by GFC (420 points)

2 Answers

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Using "вот" assumes that speaker points out at something at the very moment of speaking. It is used as a call to turn someone's immediate attention to the object pointed out. If you can replace the entire phrase with "here smth. is", it is safe to use "вот". Otherwise use "здесь".

Здесь - "In the place where the speaker is", "in the place mentioned right before".

"Вот здесь" means "right here".

Additionally "вот" has many other meanings as a modal particle and is used in a number of set phrases.
answered Jan 16, 2013 by it-ogo (18,220 points)
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Like it-ogo already explained, "вот" is used when you want to point at something or when you are handing things to others.

"Здесь" is more about location and it means "here/at this place".

Here are (вот) a few examples that illustrate the difference. No pun intended :-)

Вот зонтик. = Here's the umbrella.
Зонтик здесь. = The umbrella is here.

Передай, пожалуйста, соль. Вот! = Pass me the salt, please. Here you are!
Где соль? Здесь, на столе. = Where's the salt? Here, at the table.

answered Jan 16, 2013 by Alex (13,670 points)