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What is the usage of the preposition к?

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I have a Russian course book and it says that the preposition к is used to indicate a movement towards a person, e.g. "Я иду к маме". However, I have seen other uses of this preposition, for example "Мы приближаемся к Москве". So, what is/are the usage(s) of this preposition? Thank you!
asked Jan 22, 2013 by feder95 (160 points)

2 Answers

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Hi Feder95,

Nice question!

The preposition к is used:

  • to indicate a movement towards a person or a place:

По́езд приближа́лся к Москве́. The train was approaching Moscow.

Мне на́до идти́ к врачу́. I have to go to the doctor.

  • final point of a movement:

Подойди́ к доске́! Come to the blackboard!

  • attitude or emotion towards smb or smth:

У меня́ хоро́шее отноше́ние к нему́. I have a good attitude towards him.

  • meaning of touching smth or smb:

Он притро́нулся к мое́й руке́. He touched my hand.

  • meaning of "till" or "until":

К пя́тнице тебе́ ну́жно сде́лать зада́ние. You have to finish homework till Friday.

  • meaning of joining two objects, persons or phaenomena:

Прикле́й бума́гу к карто́нке. Stick this paper to the piece of cardboard.

Kind regards,

Yulia Amllinskaya, Russian Language Teacher.

answered Jan 22, 2013 by RussianTeacher (19,690 points)
selected Jan 22, 2013 by feder95
Here are some more examples of usage of the preposition "to" in Russian:

The preposition к/ко (to, towards) takes the Dative Case. That means that the noun that follows should be in the Dative.
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Some useful expressions with "К"

  • к месту= to the point= кстати= уместно

Все, что ты сказал было к месту= Everything you said was to the point.

  • ко всему прочему = to everything else

  • по отношению ко мне/ к тебе/ней/нему/нам/вам/им/этому/тому = towards/ in relation to

*По отношению к нему это было несправедливо= This was unfairly to (towards/in relation to)him.*

answered Jan 22, 2013 by Princess (1,440 points)