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How to say these two phrases in Russian?

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How to say "I wasn't paying attention" in Russian? Google translate said "ya ne obratil vnemanie" but I know that's not correct.

And also how to say "I need to take a shower" because bussu and google translate give two different examples, thanks.

asked Jan 22, 2013 by Dakota Kalivas (210 points)

1 Answer

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Hello, Dakota! :)

Я не обратил внимание = I didn't pay attention.

When an action took place once, we use the perfective aspect, that is "обратил внимание= payed attention"

Я не обращал внимание= I wasn't paying attention/ I havn't payed attention.

An action that took place more than once, many times ---> imperfective

-Я никогда не обращал на это внимание = I havn't ever payed attention to that.

-Мы сидели в кафе, и я не обращал внимание на то, что он говорит= We were sitting in the cafe, and I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.

to take a shower = принять душ= literal to accept, adopt a shower :D

I need= Мне нужно= it is needed (for) me.

Remember this phrase and omit "for".

That's great you check every phrase you translate! This is very important! I also try to have all my translations checked, so, if you find any mistakes, please correct my English without any hesitation. I will be very thankful! Good luck! Удачи! :)
answered Jan 22, 2013 by Princess (1,440 points)
selected Jan 22, 2013 by Dakota Kalivas