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Maybe not the best place to ask... why would "малыш" ever be used as a surname?

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I don't know if this would be the best place to ask, though I saw another question about a last name, so I thought why not?! From my understanding this is usually used to refer to little kids, I guess like the russian form of the english word 'toddler'? I've also heard it used in the context of baby, though depending on use I also think of it as "kiddo". My russian is not great by any means, I am just truly curious why this would be used as a last name. Would this even be used as a last name? I've never seen anyone else with any similar name, seems kind of odd to have that as your family name.


I guess what I am trying to say is... why? And if it does even make sense to anyone, is this an "actual russian name", or could it be given to someone for other purposes? Thanks for all the help. I am lithuanian so that is why I am asking if it is more of a "borrowed" name(if that makes any sense) and not really actually used as a surname.


Thanks for any and all the help I receive!
asked Feb 13, 2013 by mikha (120 points)

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