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Russian text of Tchaikovsky Ode to Joy

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Our choir will perform the rarely heard (in US) ode to joy as set to music by Tchaikovsky.

We have of course the original poem by Schiller but, since we are singing in Russian, we would like to have the exact translation of the actual Russian text back into English. I for one dislike singing if I don't know exactly what the words mean.


Hans Wiggers

IT Support

San Jose Symphonic Choir.
asked Mar 27, 2013 by Hans Wiggers (120 points)

1 Answer

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Well... first, different translations from German are possible. Second, maybe for performing some shortenings are possible... I don't know. I have not found the text used specifically for Tchaikovsky's cantata. Third, word-by-word translation is hardly "exact", if you know what I mean. One can easily understand the meaning of each word but miss the whole.

Anyway. Here is one of the translations. If you provide the text you sing (I assume it is transliterated or phonetically transcribed) I will be able to compare them. 

Then you can use google translate to get word-by-word translation of the whole text or separate words... but be prepared to obtain nonsense sometimes.

answered Mar 27, 2013 by it-ogo (18,220 points)
Thanks, that is a good start. However the text we sing seems slightly different. We have someone working on the transliteration. Once I have the text I could submit it to you. Is there a way i can directly email it to you? Cheers,
Why? If you have source text, you should not "Work" on it, I believe I'll be able to understand it, even from scanned pictures if nothing more is available.
For a long work it is better for you to register on forum ( there are many people to help you even if I am busy.