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Parts of the day - what are their Russian names and time boundaries?

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I would like to make a list of Russian names for parts of the day. For each part of the day I want to know when exactly it starts and ends, what greetings are used, adverbs like "утром" and words for meals.


I've made a short list during my studies. I'm not sure about exact time periods. Please, correct my mistakes and help me complete the list.

  • утро: 6AM - 12PM(?) /Food is завтрак (breakfast) / Greeting is Доброе утро! -//- утром
  • день: 12PM - 4PM(?) /Food is обед (lunch) / Greeting is Добрый день! -//- днём
  • вечер: 4PM - 10PM(?) /Food is ужин (supper) / Greeting is Добрый вечер! -//- вечером
  • ночь: 10PM - 4AM(?) /No food or закуска (snack) / Greeting is Спокойной ночи! -//- ночью

Can we add "рассвет"? When is it used? What about other words in between?

asked Jan 15, 2013 by Luca Pacioli (390 points)

2 Answers

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Word      Duration      Greeting              Meal
утро      4AM-11AM      Доброе утро!          завтрак (breakfast)
                        С добрым утром!
полдень   noon          Добрый день!          обед (lunch)
день      12PM-4PM      Добрый день!          обед (lunch)
                                              полдник (afternoon snack)
вечер     5PM-11PM      Добрый вечер!         ужин (dinner)
полночь   midnight      (No greetings)        No food or закуска (snack)
ночь      12AM-3AM      (No greetings)        No food or закуска (snack)
                        Спокойной ночи! = Good night!
                        Доброй ночи! = Good night!
                        Приятных снов! = Sweet dreams!

A few more words to consider:

полдень = noon
полночь = midnight
ранее утро = early morning
поздняя ночь = late night

answered Jan 15, 2013 by Alex (13,670 points)
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I have some corrections:

  • Утро: 4 am-11 am. Завтрак (breakfast) / Greeting is Доброе утро! or С добрым утром!

    Times can be named as 4 часа утра, 10 часов утра and so on

    Рассвет we can use in phrase: Встать с рассветом (Wake up in a daybreak).

  • День: 12 am-4 pm. Usually it's обед (lunch), but we can have полдник (afternoon snack) at about 12 a.m. / Greeting is Добрый день! (not с добрым днем!)

    Times can be named as 3 часа дня, час дня and so on. 12 am = полдень.

  • Вечер: 5 pm-11 pm. It's ужин (dinner)/ Greeting is Добрый вечер! (not с добрым вечером!)

    Times can be named as 11 вечера, 5 часов вечера and so on.

  • Ночь: 12 pm-3 am. No food or закуска (snack) / No special greeting! Leave-taking is Спокойной ночи! or Доброй ночи! or Приятных снов! (not со спокойной ночью!)

    Times can be named as час ночи, три часа ночи and so on. 12 pm = полночь.

answered Jan 15, 2013 by Larusja (1,210 points)