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Translation of a proverb?

0 votes

I've seen this quoted in multiple places around the internet. Can anyone help me with a good translation?


Выйти замуж не напасть,
как бы замужем не пропасть
asked Apr 2, 2013 by tiinimarini (120 points)

3 Answers

+1 vote
"To find a husband is not a big deal (or ... is not so unpleasant),
but I'd like (not to get lost / not to fail miserably / not to get into big troubles) after being married"

It goes with rhyme. What exactly is implied is up to you.


P.S. There are several homonyms (including rare ones) here so google translate fails miserably. :D
answered Apr 2, 2013 by it-ogo (18,220 points)
edited Apr 3, 2013 by it-ogo
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It's the first time I hear this so-called 'proverb', but here is my take on it: "Surviving in a marriage is harder than getting into one (said about a woman)".
answered Apr 15, 2013 by JK (360 points)
0 votes
To get married is not an issue, to be married - that's the deal!
answered Apr 22, 2013 by bluewmelon (2,560 points)