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What are the Russian spelling rules?

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I'd like to learn the rules for spelling Russian and I think there's only three or four of them. Could someone explain the rules for me?

asked Jan 15, 2013 by strochka (530 points)

2 Answers

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Most letters and words are pronounced like written:) You should look up stressed syllables in the dictionary cause it's difficult to guess))

One time one my friend asked me to make alphabet for him so I decided to attached it here. Who knows, may be it can be useful for you)))

А - Like U in sun.

Б = English B. Like B in bird.

В = English V. Like V in vase.

Г = G (not J!) Like G in frog.

Д - Like D in dog.

Е - Like YE in yellow.

Ё - Like I in bird or skirt.

Ж - Like J in jelly fish.

З - Like Z in zoo.

И - Like I in giraffe.

Й - Like ending sound in buy or first sound in yellow.

К - Like K in kangaroo.

Л - Like L in elephant.

М - Like M in mice.

Н - Like N in neck.

О - Like O in horse.

П - Like P in parrot.

Р - Like R in rabbit.

С - Like S in snake.

Т - Like T in tiger.

У - Like U in put.

Ф - Like F in staff.

Х - Like H in hook.

Ц - Like C in cent.

Ч - Like CH in cherry.

Ш - Like SH in fish.

Щ - Difficult to explain((( Like say SH then you are smiling.

Ь - Not spell. But letter before it get softly sound. Can split parts of word too.

Ы - Difficult to explain(((

Ъ - Not spell. Like '. Split parts of word. Подъезд = под'езд.

Э - Like A in cat.

Ю - Like soft U in cute.

Я - Like YA in yahoo.

And I know one clip which perhaps can help with pronunciation:

answered Jan 15, 2013 by Larusja (1,210 points)
These are pronunciation rules. Spelling rules are rules like жи/ши is written with И and never Ы.
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Here are some Russian pronunciation rules:

Pronunciation of letter clusters:

  • ться, тся is pronounced as /ца/ - for example: учиться /учица/ (to learn, study)
  • дс, тс are pronounced as /ц/ in some words - for example: советский /савецкий/ (Soviet)
  • стн, здн, стл: letters д, т are not pronounced - for example: праздник /празник/ (holiday)
  • дч, тч are pronounced as /ч/ with a slight pause in front - for example, лётчик /лё'чик/ (pilot)
  • сч, жч are pronounced as /щ/ in some words - for example: счастье /щаст'е/ (happiness)
  • in вств, letter в is not pronounced - for example: чувство /чуства/ (feeling, sensation)


  • -го is pronounced /-во/ in words like его (his), сегодня (today)
  • in words similar to что, the letter ч sounds like /ш/ - for example: что /што/, чтобы /штобы/
answered Jan 15, 2013 by Alex (13,670 points)
I think the question is not about pronunciation, but rather the "spelling rules". If you google "russian spelling rules", you will find several different versions.
Here are the ones that I think are most generally accepted:
1. Never write vowels Я and Ю after the consonants Г, К, Х ,Ш, Ж, Щ, Ч and Ц. Я must be replaced by А, and Ю must be replaced by У.
2. Аfter the consonants Г, К, Х ,Ш, Ж, Щ, Ч (but not Ц) the vowel Ы is never used and must be replaced by И.
3. Аfter the consonants Ш, Ж, Щ, Ч and Ц, unstressed vowel О is replaced by Е.
BTW, if you apply these 3 spelling rules to the conjugation of adjective endings, you will find that with the addition of the following rule, the 8 different conjugation matrices for adjectives can all be derived from two of them, the basic "-ый" matrix (the most common) and the basic "-ий" matrix.

Rule: If the masculine singular "-ый" and "-ий" endings are stressed, they are both replaced by "-ой". All the other differences are because of the spelling rules, for example, rule 2 where vowel ы is replaced by и."