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What Russian verbs have a stressed feminine past tense form?

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From a Russian grammar book I learned that a good many common verbs have a stressed feminine past tense form(I think знала is an example). I know that again there are many examples( брала), but please name some important verbs having this stress pattern. Thanks
asked May 27, 2013 by wolka (630 points)

1 Answer

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знала - ending NOT stressed

брала - both ways are possible

some verbs with stressed ending:

идти, пойти, брести, везти, вести, грести, мести, нести, найти, пасти, плести, ползти, расти, скрести, трясти, цвести (I believe all verbs ended by -ти in infinitive), беречь, жечь, лечь, облечь, обречь, отречься, печь, помочь, пренебречь, стеречь, сечь, течь, толочь, увлечь, запрячь (I believe most verbs ended by -чь in infinitive but not all) 

For the most verbs ended by -ть in infinitive in past feminine a syllable just before ending is stressed. Though for some of them native speakers can use both forms. I did not find -ть verbs with only stressed-ending possible.

answered May 27, 2013 by it-ogo (18,220 points)
Thanks. I know all verbs ending in ти   have stressed endings.  Actually my question only referred to past tense forms. I appreciate your list of verbs though.
All of them has stressed endings in past feminine as well. That is what did I say.