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Stress options

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In some of the conjugations on (reflexive past tenses) there are two options on where stress is placed, one is in brackets. E.g удаться. 

Is there a choice of where to place stress, is that old proununciation, or something else entirely? 

asked Jul 2, 2013 by bluewmelon (2,560 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, stress moves from end to the beginning in past forms of some reflexive verbs.

Nowadays "удалсЯ" (masculine) is already obsolete in favor of "удАлся"; удалИсь/удалОсь (plural/neuter) are used along with удАлись/удАлось, while  feminine удалАсь still keeps position as the only correct way. For other similar verbs the dynamics is more or less the same.
answered Jul 2, 2013 by it-ogo (18,220 points)