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translation of the folowing part of sentences

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The folowing words in sentences are not compulsory full sentences.They are  just a part of it.i want the translation of them in english

1) A kak же иначе? (it is a question in Russian).

2)  Eе могут зват толко так            (it is a part of a sentence)is not a full sentence

3)  диан ка мои i обожглась.      (It is a full sentence).

4) иеше чуть- чуть, милочка       (i dont know if it is a full sentence or a part of it).

5)себе на джинсы  (i know exactly that is a part of sentence).i want the meaning of this structure.The last word refers to american jeans

6)я тут же представила себе этого чхтиандра.(it is a full sentence)

7)то ли с тем (is not a full sentence but i want the translation of this structure in english)

And the last one is the same like in the 7)

8) то ли из за его

Thanks very much if someone can help me with this 8 questions.I hope that i will receive at least one answer.from somebody very kind.
asked Nov 7, 2013 by userrussia (380 points)

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