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Help me construct this Russian insult?

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There's a Russian immigrant in my book who has been living in America for 1 year. She kisses the main character but he rejects her really rudely, for many reasons. So she is really mean and irrational back to him. I wanted her to call him gay and asshole, so with the help of some native speakers and Google Translate I came up with this:


Мудак! ты должны голубой и любить гребаные мужчин отказаться это!


The native speakers gave me ты to make it infomal and голубой as slang/derogatory for gay, but I actually constructed the sentence with the help of the translator. So I don't know if I put it in the right order because google never comes up with голубой in its translations. I even tried to trick it by typing in "blue", which the native speaker told me is the literal translation for голубой. 


Let me know what my sentence means in English, if it works and any improvements I could make. I also couldn't figure out how to capitalize the ты at the beginning of the sentence. 

asked Nov 28, 2013 by JLTW (120 points)

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